Club News

Chairwoman's update

22nd August 2017

An update from Chairwoman Ann Budge.

It is now nearly 3 weeks since my last update and as previously stated, I am keen to keep our supporters abreast of where we are with key decisions, both to inform and to minimise speculation.

With regard to on-field matters, I repeat what was said in my previous statement, namely that the Board will not rush the new management appointment.  We did receive lots of interest and we have conducted a number of interviews.  The calibre of interviewee was very high and every candidate was worthy of very serious consideration.  I would like to publicly thank all of them for the time and trouble taken in preparing for and attending these meetings.

As well as interviewing short listed candidates, we have also conducted a review of our Football Operation both against our initial 3-year plan and importantly, against our new 3-year plan, to confirm the suitability of our current management model as the Club continues to progress.

While this has been going on, Jon Daly, supported by the other members of the coaching staff, has stepped up to the mark brilliantly and filled the role of interim head coach admirably.  Jon will continue to do so for the Motherwell game.  An announcement will be made regarding a permanent appointment next week.

In terms of off-field matters, I can also give you a brief update.

I will take this opportunity to announce that Scot Gardiner will be leaving the Club at the end of the month.  Scot joined us 3 years ago on a fixed-term contract to advise me and my newly appointed Board and Executive team… none of whom had any experience of running a football club… on all matters relating to Scottish football business operations.

When the decision to build the new stand went ahead I extended Scot’s contract in order to benefit from his knowledge of football stadia to provide input to the design of the new stand.

We all now know considerably more about running a football business and the design of the new stand is effectively complete.  The time has, therefore, come for Scot to move on, particularly in light of the fact that he has recently had a health scare to deal with and needs some personal time.

Scot’s advice and guidance to me, and to this Club, has been invaluable and he goes with our very best wishes for his future success.

In terms of the new stand development, I am delighted to say that it remains on schedule for opening on 5th November 2017.  The staging is now going up, the roofing is underway and the piazza will shortly start to take shape.  You will see a huge difference over the next 10 days. 

Plans are now largely finalised regarding playing our first 3 home games at BT Murrayfield.  We will be hoping for a big support at each of these games and will shortly be issuing details regarding ticketing arrangements and hospitality offerings.  Do please take advantage of the opportunities we are creating to come along, with family and friends, to help us create an amazing atmosphere at this wonderful stadium.