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Cathro: Can't settle for draws

17th December 2016

Head Coach admits disappointment with draw and never wants fans to settle for anything less than wins.

Ian Cathro admitted he was feeling a mixture of emotions as his Tynecastle bow ended in a 1-1 draw with Partick Thistle in the Ladbrokes Premiership.

Bjorn Johnsen’s fifth goal of the season gave the Jambos a half-time lead but Sean Welsh’s header levelled the match, and the visitors could have won the game, were it not for miraculous goalkeeping from Jack Hamilton.

After the game, Ian discussed how he was feeling in the wake of the match, and where he felt the team had perhaps failed to perform to the top of their abilities.

“I’m feeling a lot of different things right now,” said Ian. “Some bits of the match were good, not necessarily very good, but good. The players are taking little steps in the way we want to take them, and there were little pockets of the first half where we totally controlled things.

“When the game is swinging our way, we need to do more damage. We were forced to change at half time, and as a result, had to play differently and the game was broken, suddenly balls being bombed forward, mayhem and a bit of Scottish chaos.

“Some anxiety, nervousness and mistakes too, and at that point it becomes really hard to break the cycle, and that’s what the second half turned into. Losing Prince created the situation where the team had to change and play in a different way, and we didn’t deal with it as well.”

Lastly, the Head Coach revealed he sympathised with the Hearts support as he stated he felt the same way as the fans after dropping two points at home.

Cathro said he knew the support would stay behind the team as they worked towards the same goals, because he never wanted them to settle for less than victory

“We all feel the same reaction,” he explained. “I can’t boo the team, because I have to help them find the solution, but our reactions are all the same. We feel the same way, it’s understandable but I know everyone will stay together.

“It’s a natural human reaction, we didn’t get what we wanted and we aren’t happy. I’m not happy either. Having said that, I’ll be far more upset if we ever get to the stage where we’re happy with a draw. I never want us to be happy with a draw at home, because we expect to win.”