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Can you help build Big Hearts' new website?

20th January 2015

Big Hearts looking for kind-hearted people to help create its new digital platform.

Big Hearts is looking for expert Hearts supporters to help build a new website.

With a very exciting future for the club's community charity Big Hearts is seeking a new digital platform to tell the story of what we'll be doing in the months and years ahead. 

The current incarnation is several years old, and no longer meet best practice for accessibility and responsiveness (ability to view on different devices such as tablets or smartphones).

A spokesperson for Big Hearts said: "We know there's terrific talent in the Hearts support - you only need to look on social media - and for that reason we are making this appeal to see if anyone who is maroon minded can support us, rather than needing to use the more expensive option of going out to the market place. 

"As we all know we are now in a real era of working together at Hearts and this is a tangible way we can do so to benefit the community we serve.

"The future Big Hearts website will be stunningly visual, clean and easy to navigate. It will help us, more than anything, tell the story of our plans to support families in need."

Supporters who have professional web developer and digital design experience are encouraged to email with details of why they can offer and their relevant experience.