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Berra: I'll be back better than ever

20th August 2018

Christophe Berra believes he'll be back from hamstring injury fitter and stronger than before as he pledges to spend his recovery time at Riccarton

Christophe Berra admits it was a big blow to learn he was facing approximately six months on the sidelines, but he’s focused on returning fitter and stronger than ever.

The captain torn a hamstring two weeks ago in the 1-0 win over Celtic, and has since undergone surgery to repair it.

Remaining positive, Christophe believes his time out will fly by, and intends to spend his days recovering at Hearts’ training centre instead of resting on his laurels at home.

Speaking to HeartsTV, he said: “I was kind of optimistic that it wouldn’t be as bad, but I could feel it myself that it wasn’t right.

“I got the scan and it was one of the worst ones you could get on your hamstring. It was a big blow.

“I’ve never been seriously injured…I’ve never had an operation in my life. I’ve never been out for longer than two or three weeks, really.

“It’s the thought of missing out. The team is doing well and I just want to be a part of it.

“You’ve just got to be positive. The way I look at it, time will fly by.

“As soon as I get out of my crutches I’ll be working hard I rehab and hopefully come back fitter and stronger than ever.

“I’m big enough and strong enough to get on with it. You’ve got to be mentally tough.

“Technically, I could be sitting at home doing nothing and relaxing but I’d rather get out of the house and be at the training ground, doing the majority of my icing and pulsing of my legs in the physio’s room to keep me occupied.

“I’ve got a great support around me. I’ve got a lot of people to help me.

“I feel good. I had the operation on Thursday morning so it’s all good.

“The pain’s not too bad. I’m just looking forward to the road to recovery.”

Christophe’s interview is available to watch in full on HeartsTV.