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Ayr United Preview: Liam Boyce

12th March 2021

  • Goalscoring targets
  • Playing with a strike partner
  • Importance of clean sheets


Liam Boyce spoke to the media ahead of Hearts’ Championship match with Ayr United on Saturday.

The league’s top scorer previewed the Tynecastle clash as well as covering off other subjects.



“I want to score in every game and I have been on a good run of form in the last 15 games. I didn’t have the best of starts. If I had scored a few more at the start of the season with the chances that I had then I’d probably could’ve (scored my highest amount) and I’m a wee bit disappointed by that if I’m honest.

“I always used to set myself targets but this season I didn’t really. I always used to try and score 10 by Christmas and if you got there and you’re playing well then you can set your goals a bit higher. That was always the first thing on my mind, to try and get to double figures.

“It’s an alright season if you’re scoring and you get to double figures. It’s tough to get to 20 but if you get to 10 before Christmas and you’re playing well then it makes it a more reasonable target.

“20 is a good season for a striker but now you’ve got Ronaldo, Messi and Lewandowski who have ruined it for everyone else!”



“Anywhere I’ve been before and done well, like when I was in Ireland, I had a great partner who was always playing on the shoulder to try and get into the box to score goals and I would try to link up the play.

“At Ross County I was with Craig Curran and we matched perfectly. He would about and do all the hard work and I was the one who would stay in the box.

“Hopefully I can build that with Armand. I know that he can hold the ball up and move around the edge and play it into his feet and he’ll give me it back and it’s always going into the box.

“Obviously he’s massive so when the ball is in the air you fancy him to win anything so I just need to feed off that, I can get across the front post and he can attack it at the back. We just need to play together to get that link." 



“We know they (Ayr) are dangerous and they’ve got good players. It’s this league in a nutshell; you go to grounds like that on a Friday night, freezing cold weather and a difficult pitch, and it came down to a penalty. When you go to grounds like that and they’re set up in that way you need to be solid.

“We want to be solid and strong and fighting for each other. With our team I fancy us to score against anyone so if we keep a clean sheet we know we’ve got a great chance of winning.”


Liam’s press conference is available to watch in full on Hearts TV by clicking here.