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Ann's supporter information

1st May 2015

Club owner issues the following information ahead of tomorrow's game with Rangers.

In advance of our last game of the season at Tynecastle, which, of course, takes place tomorrow, kick-off 12:15pm we wanted to ensure you had all the information needed to help you maximise the enjoyment of the day.

Firstly, some general information:

Ticket Office : Open from 9:00am until kick-off and then will re-open after the trophy presentation until the queues have dispersed.

Tomorrow’s game is, of course, sold out, but staff are all geared up to deal with season ticket renewals.

We do expect to be busy, so thank you in advance for your patience.

The Shop : Open from 9:00am until kick-off and then will re-open after the trophy presentation  in line with the ticket office.

Secondly, hospitality arrangements:

The opening times for each of our suites are as follows:

Gorgie Suite – 10.15am

Bobby Walker Suite – 10.45am

John Robertson Suite – 10.15am

Willie Bauld Suite – 10.15am

Following the game, all hospitality lounges will remain closed until after the presentation ceremony.  However the suites will then remain open until 4:00pm.

Finally, on-pitch arrangements:

Hopefully we will all enjoy a great game of football. To add to the atmosphere of the day we will be entertained by The Royal Scots Association Pipe Band both before and after the match.

Whatever the result, we are all looking forward to the post match trophy celebrations!

The match and the award of the trophy will all be televised by Sky Sports. We want Hearts fans all over the world to be able to see the club lift the trophy for the first time in 35 years, so we need to ask the fans to help us create a great spectacle.

Things will happen quickly to fit in with the time available so we need your cooperation.

At the end of the match, our players will leave the pitch promptly...hopefully to great applause!

The Rangers team will take a few minutes to thank their travelling support for their loyalty throughout the season...also to great applause!

The SPFL staff will build the stage for the ceremony...while fans enjoy the playing of the pipe band with an occasional word from The Voice of Tynecastle himself, Scot Wilson. This should take seven minutes...hopefully!

The presentation party will hopefully walk onto the pitch around more applause?

The players will make their entrance to be congratulated, one by one, for their superb contribution to this even greater applause?

The skipper will come on the stage and lift the rapturous applause!

After the on-stage celebrations...fireworks, confetti, champagne...the sorts of things we haven't seen much of at Tynecastle for a few years...the team will, of course, parade the trophy around the ground...with a few proud children in tow! thank the fans for their amazing support all season.

Hospitality guests will then return to their suites for the conclusion of their day and other supporters will head off to continue their own celebrations…and look forward to next season.

I know the supporters will make the club proud tomorrow…just as the team has made you all proud to be Hearts supporters this season.

That said, I have to finish with a reminder. Please do not try to come onto the pitch at the end of the game as the police have made it clear that doing so will mean all of the planned pitch celebrations will, at worst, be cancelled...and at best, be so delayed that your fellow supporters throughout the world will miss out due to the tight timings involved.

Let’s make the last game of this amazing season one to be remembered for all the right reasons.

Have a great day...keep safe...and just enjoy!