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Ann's season ticket message

29th May 2015

Ann Budge reveals nearly 9,000 season tickets sold and asks fans to continue to help the club keep costs down.

Our wonderful fans continue to back the club in great numbers, with almost 9,000 of you buying season tickets in the last few weeks.

Alongside this fantastic response, we have had a number of calls and emails on the subject of payment for season tickets and I’d like to repeat my request from last season and gently remind everyone that paying by credit card costs the club money in terms of fees and also impacts our cash-flow.

While our financial position is very different from last year and while we have negotiated improved terms with our merchant supplier, it is simply sound business practice to minimise these fees where we can.

So…once again…if you pay for your season ticket by credit card, purely for reasons of convenience, can I ask you to consider paying by cash or cheque instead. Last year, only 33% of season tickets were purchased by credit card, down from a norm of 66%, saving the club an estimated £40,000 in fees and significantly aiding our cash flow.

I thank you for once again stepping up for your club.