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Ann's request to fans

12th June 2014

Board would prefer supporters to avoid using credit or debit cards to buy their new season tickets.

Hearts owner Ann Budge today asked fans who will be buying season tickets to help the club by purchasing using cash or cheques.

Season tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9am and while there will be the usual facilities to use credit and debit cards, Ann has outlined the benefit of the alternative payment methods.

Due to the club's year-long administration and previous credit history, the merchant service provider will only release money to the club in staged payments throughout the season ahead, a situation the Tynecastle Board would prefer to avoid where possible.

Addressing all Hearts fans, Ann said: "The delays in launching season tickets have caused huge frustration both to the supporters and to all at the club.

"We have been ready to launch for some time. We agreed the pricing weeks ago - approximately 7% reduction across the board; we agreed the phasing weeks ago - two phases instead of three.

"We have tried to keep everything as simple and straight forward as possible and hopefully you will agree that what we are proposing is fair. It reflects that, although we have gone down a division, our costs have not significantly reduced, but recognises that the supporters have been magnificent and we want to say thank-you by implementing as much of a price reduction as we can afford.

"However, we do need to ask if you could consider helping us out once again.

"If you choose to pay for your season ticket by credit card for personal financial reasons or because of the protection this offers you, then that is absolutely fine and please feel free to do so.

"However, if you pay by credit card (or indeed debit card) for convenience only, would you please consider paying by cash or cheque (or loan) as this will help the club by minimising fees and assisting with cash management.

"Because of HMFC's credit history, coupled with being in administration for a year, we have been in a weak position in negotiating economic terms with our card processing company.

"In simple terms, if you buy your season ticket using your credit card - or debit card - the card processing company does not release any of your money to the club until after the first league game of the season, and then only 1/18th of what they have collected after each home match. This is largely to do with the Consumer Credit Act and the protection that this offers to the consumer - namely you.

"In addition, there are charges for every use of a credit/debit card which the club has to pay.

"So, if you are able to use another method of payment then we would appreciate it. If not, no problem?and either way I look forward to seeing you in the new season.

"There is more exciting news to follow shortly - watch this space!"

Season tickets can be bought from 9am tomorrow via the usual channels: in person at the Heart of Midlothian FC Ticket Centre, online at Hearts eTickets or by calling the 24-hour phone line 0871 663 1874, option 1.