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8,000 and counting!

26th February 2014

Foundation of Hearts announces 8,000th contributor.

The Foundation of Hearts today announced it's 8,000th contributor to the movement to ultimately secure supporter ownership for Heart of Midlothian Football Club.

Derek Shade, a 40-year-old supporter from Edinburgh, set up his monthly contribution to the Foundation, and in doing so, took his place in history as the 8,000th person to set up a regular payment.

He appeared with first team star Dylan McGowan at a media call to promote the milestone.

A season ticket holder in the Main Stand at Tynecastle, Derek has been a regular for 20 years, attending games with his brother and three friends.

Derek is very optimistic for the future of his beloved Jambos. He said: "Despite being bottom of the league I'm unbelievably positive about Hearts long term future and think we'll emerge a better and stronger team. It is likely we are looking at relegation this season but I think many of the current squad will benefit from this and can only see us bouncing back up very quickly.

"I don't think anyone can argue that there has been a great buzz this season at Tynecastle and the Hearts fans really are getting behind the team. It says a lot that 8,000 fans of a club the size of Hearts are prepared to help save their club with these monthly contributions, especially in the current financial climate. I'm convinced that the future of the club depends on this and in the hands of the Foundation this will happen.

"It's not every day that football fans can positively change or shape their football club. It's our club to save and in its hour of need we must do everything we can to ensure its future."

Foundation of Hearts chairman Ian Murray MP added: "I want to thank Derek, as our 8,000th contributor, but we know he's not alone, so my thanks really go to everyone who has got us this far. The unity of purpose, the desire to see Hearts survive, and eventually prosper, remains as strong today as it was last September when we began collecting contributions.

"The need to save Hearts remains critical, and so we continue to encourage supporters who are able, and who believe in our vision to back us, and their club, by setting up a monthly contribution."

Supporters can follow Derek's example and set up a monthly contribution at, with facilities available to supporters in the UK and abroad.

As previously announced, BIDCO 1874, which is financed by Ann Budge will take control of Hearts, should the CVA process be completed. BIDCO 1874 will contract to sell its shareholding to the Foundation.

Monthly contributions will be used to re-stabilise the club in the first two years, before repayment of the initial £2.5m CVA sum begins. The process to raise a total pot of £6m will take up to five years. The new board of Hearts will include Foundation representation from the beginning.