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2017/18 Season ticket information

16th May 2017

Full information about 2017/18 season tickets


Category B+: Season Tickets (Roseburn Stand Only)

  Cat B+ Bronze Cat B+ Gold
Adult £180 £250
O65/FTE/ESA £100 £130
U18 £85 £100
U13 £30 £30


5. Transitional Payment Arrangements for the Main Stand Season Ticket Holders

As we move from our old main stand to our new stand, scheduled to open in season 2017/18, current season ticket holders in this stand will require to be re-assigned to new seats. Many of these seats will now be in Gold or Platinum pricing categories, rather than the Silver category that previously applied to all Main Stand seating to reflect the limited and ageing facilities.

In order to assist season ticket holders who find themselves faced with a larger than usual price increase, due to this reclassification, we are offering a transition period, as outlined below.

Silver Category Renewals:

                 * New Silver Category Pricing will apply as normal

Renewals in new Gold Category:

                 * Season 17/18: Silver Category Pricing will apply

                 * Season 18/19: Full Gold Category Pricing will apply

Renewals in new Platinum Category:

                 * Season 17/18: Gold Category Pricing will apply

                 * Season 18/19: an increase to the mid-point between Gold & Platinum Category Pricing will apply

                 * Season 19/20: Full Platinum Category Pricing will apply

This offer is only available to current Main Stand season ticket holders who wish to renew.

Any new Season Ticket Holders in the Main Stand will pay normal category pricing.


6. Seat Guarantee and Price Freeze

In order to generate funds for the completion of the new main stand a special initiative is being introduced which will assist the club’s cash position during the re-development, while providing benefits to supporters over the next 3 seasons.

For a £100 donation to the Tynecastle Redevelopment Fund (TRF), the Club is offering a three year price freeze and seat guarantee as follows:

(i) A guaranteed price freeze on your Season Ticket from season 2017/2018 up to and including season 2019/2020, provided you renew your Season Ticket each year.

(ii) Guaranteed priority to purchase your Season Ticket seat, for all non-league matches, from the opening of the new stand which is expected to be 9th September 2017.

(iii) A 50% reduction in our '1 in a million' benefit scheme, saving you £50. This scheme will comprise a range of club benefits and special offers at local entertainment venues and restaurants. Further information relating to this scheme will be provided separately.

Unfortunately, this Price Freeze option is not available to Main Stand season ticket holders who have taken advantage of the transitional payment arrangements and the Seat Guarantee is not available to Roseburn Stand season ticket holders.


7. Season Tickets – Ways to Pay and Booking Fees

We encourage all fans, where possible, to purchase their Season Ticket with Cash, or cheque as this helps the club in cash flow terms and avoids the fees associated with credit or debit cards.

Season Tickets however, can also be purchased using a debit or credit card either at the Ticket Office or online at Hearts eTickets www.heartsfc.co.uk or over the phone by calling 0333 043 1874, option 1, then option 1.

The Club’s current booking fees are as follows:

Counter sales at the Season Ticket Office

A fixed fee of £1.50 per Season Ticket for credit card transactions is charged (up to a maximum of £6). No fees are charged for cash or cheque sales over the counter at the Season Ticket Office.

Telesales and Standard online transactions at Hearts eTickets

A fixed fee of £1.50 per Season Ticket for each telephone and online sale is charged up to a maximum of £6. In addition, postage costs may apply, being 60p for standard 1st class postage, £6.95 for special delivery. There is, of course, no additional fee for collection.


8. Season Ticket Finance

The Club has arranged a scheme whereby supporters are able to purchase their Season Ticket under a flexible payment plan administered by the Club’s payment partner, Zebra Finance. Season Tickets will only be guaranteed under this payment method if the individuals’ application is accepted by Zebra Finance.

Two plans are available from Zebra Finance: (i) a four-month interest free plan (a 4.5% administration fee is applied by Zebra Finance, taken with your first payment), or (ii): a ten-month interest bearing plan. More information about the options offered by Zebra Finance and application details can be found at https://www.eticketing.co.uk/heartofmidlothian/default.aspx

All such applications are processed and administered by Zebra Finance are subject to a credit check, separate terms and conditions with Zebra Finance and are not guaranteed. If you apply for Zebra Finance, your Season Ticket will not be valid until Zebra Finance has paid the price of your Season Ticket to the Club.

The Club is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an introducer appointed representative, introducing Zebra Finance to supporters seeking personal loans for Season Tickets. [Zebra Finance is an intermediary and agent for lender, R Raphael & Sons Plc.] The Club is not an agent for either Zebra Finance or R Raphael & Sons Plc. The Club receives commission from Zebra Finance of £1 for every Zebra Finance account activated.


9. Season Ticket SmartCards

Season Tickets are in the form of a SmartCard which gives you access to all matches covered by the Season Ticket.

An administration charge of £5 is payable for the replacement of lost SmartCards.

Season Ticket holders who forget/misplace their SmartCards for any given match may be issued with a paper Season Ticket for access to the Stadium for that game only. The Season Ticket will be issued subject to the holder’s SmartCard not being used for the match. In the circumstances a Season Ticket can be requested from the Season Ticket Office, using the contact details above, however the Club will not “fast track” any such requests. The Club reserves the right not to issue a replacement match Season Ticket where a SmartCard is lost.

In the event that Season Ticket holders are unable to attend a fixture on a specified date, the Club encourages holders to contact the Season Ticket Office and advise that their ticket will be available for resale for the specified match. By contacting us you are giving us authority to re-sell your seat and this cannot be reversed or credited if you change your mind. While giving the club the right to re-sell your seat, our policy is to pass on a number of these tickets to the Big Hearts Community trust to distribute to worthwhile causes.


Season tickets Terms and Conditions can be viewed by clicking here.