Sports Injury Centre

Sports Injury Centre

The Hearts Sports Injury Centre is a brand new facility which is open to sports people of all ages throughout the south east of Scotland and beyond.

Services include injury analysis, rehabilitation programmes and sports massage.

The centre aims to provide support for senior and amateur sports people participating in a variety of sports and activities including: Soccer Sevens, Youth Football / Sports, Adult Football / Sports, Veterans Football / Sports.

The Hearts Sports Injury Centre also caters for individuals with general injuries who would benefit from expert advice and rehabilitation.

Kirstyn Graham, who has worked with clubs and teams throughout the south east, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention and manages the centre on a daily basis.

Opening Times/Rates*

Weekdays: 1.30-7.30pm

30 mins £30.00
45 mins £35.00
60 mins £40.00

* Please note discounts may be available for first time attendees, multiple bookings and children/youths. Please call for more information.

The Hearts Sports Injury Centre can be accessed via appointment only by contacting Kirstyn Graham on 07917 878 190 or