Play the Game Boot Room
Play the Game

Play the Game Boot Room

The Play the Game Boot Room is the latest initiative delivered by our Community Club Development Officer. Delivered online via Zoom, this 90-minute workshop is ideal for coaches/volunteers working within the grassroots game.

The ‘Boot Room’ covers the following:

  • Background of the Play the Game programme
  • Discussion on street football culture v modern day football culture
  • Our research findings
  • Aims of the programme
  • Two full session examples
  • Q & A

The workshop will engage with all attendees using the Zoom chat function and through the Q & A session at the end.

All attendees will receive a free copy of the 51-page Games Based Training Guide, which is filled with games/activities.

If your club or organisation is interested in hosting a ‘Boot Room’ or for more information then please email our Community Club Development Officer