Play the Game


Play the Game Centres operate in partnership with local grassroots clubs. 

To increase the amount of play and game-time young players receive each week, we support clubs to create additional, easy to manage, small-sided activity that delivers benefits similar to that of latter-day street football. Each centre acts as another opportunity for kids to play in addition to their weekly training sessions and games.

Key features of Play the Game Centres:

  • Training and advice for club leaders on how to operate the centre e.g. game formats, pitch rotations, game time, healthy competitive environments etc.
  • Information on how to provide the players with the responsibility of taking ownership for making play possible. (Think of the jumpers for goal-posts principle here!)
  • Potential for more than one age group or numerous age ranges to play together.
  • No needs for volunteers to be ‘expert’ coaches.
  • Open to players who are not yet part of a grassroots club or who have dropped out the game.
  • Heart of Midlothian F.C. will help profile the grassroots club and promote their Play the Game Centre through its official channels.

This programme is free of charge. For further information contact GraemeColmer@homplc.co.uk