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Corporate Responsibility Strategy

Corporate Responsibility Strategy

Community Involvement

Since 1874, Heart of Midlothian FC has built a strong reputation as a family friendly club with a proud record of community involvement. We have a desire for Hearts to continue to build on its reputation as a positive social force in the community by working in partnership with many different local groups, charities, corporate partners and initiatives. This strategy is part of our commitment to build on our traditions as a family friendly club.

Big Hearts Community Trust is the club's main vehicle for investing in community development projects. It is an independent charity and its role is to support the work of local people towards building communities where people of all ages can live, work and participate in sport safely, where they welcome each other's differences and help each other to grow and succeed. This requires the club, through the Trust, to actively engage with local community leaders and forums and to offer sporting opportunities and a wide range of inspiring health and educational activities for the benefit of local people.

Investing in our local communities and beyond is also about making Heart of Midlothian FC a better company, a company that acts responsibly and a company that contributes towards improving the quality of people's lives. In particular, Hearts is committed to playing its role in working towards the following national outcomes:

• We live in a Scotland that is the most attractive place for doing business in Europe.
• We have strong, resilient and supportive communities where people take responsibility for their own actions and how they affect others.
• Our children have the best start in life and are ready to succeed
• We have improved the life chances for children, young people and families at risk
• Our young people are successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens
• We live longer, healthier lives
• We realise our full economic potential with more and better employment opportunities for our young people
• We live our lives safe from crime, disorder and danger

Key Themes

1. Bigger Hearts: the Heart of Midlothian FC brand is stronger as a result of deploying its staff, its traditions and resources for the benefit of local people and charities through raising awareness, using players as positive role models and facilitating successful fundraising activities.
2. Better Grassroots: more than 15,000 children and young people each year enjoy sports coaching and have the opportunity to have fun and be the best they can be.
3. Stronger Communities: local communities are safer, healthier and more confident as a result of our investment and activities.